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By  J. R. Cherreguine

We do not believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was born on December 25, A.D. 1 for several reasons:

December is winter in Palestine region and the whole land would be wet. But the shepherds were out in the fields watching their flocks by night [Luke 2:8].

The shepherds will never bring out their flocks into the field during rainy season because the sheep will get sick and die. The baby was wrapped only in swaddling clothes and yet He did not freeze to death [Luke 2:7].

The registration of all citizen of the SPQR took place during summer [Luke 2:1].  Luke mentioned QUIRINIUS the governor of Syria whom the Roman Emperor CEASAR AUGUSTUS visited in Syria sometime in March where he signed the decree for worldwide census. The census took effect 30 days after it’s signing.

It was bishop LIBERIUM of Rome [THE FOX] who officially proclaimed in A.D. 354 that all Catholics celebrate Christmas day on December 25.

December 25 was adopted by the Catholic from the Roman feast of the UNCONQUERED SUN, which falls on the midnight of December 24, which they adopted as the birth of Christ.

DIONYSIUS EXIGUUS, the man who invented the modern calendar widely use by the Catholic around the world assigned December 25, A.D. 1 as the birthday of Christ.

Tradition claimed that Jesus Christ was born on midnight but there is no way to prove that.  The Bible did not say He was born at midnight. Tradition claimed that Jesus Christ was visited by three kings whose names were GASPAR, MELCHOR & BALTAZAR about ten days He was born.

They were not three but presented only three pieces of gifts. They were not kings but sorcerers or magicians. The Bible did not mention their names. They came two years after when Jesus was no longer wrapped in swaddling clothes.

DIONYSIUS invented the year of the birth of Jesus Christ as commanded by the Pope without scientific basis and without mathematical formulation. He created his calendar in six century based on spurious records and which are not historically accurate.

DIONYSIUS counted the first year as 1 A.D. with the year preceding Christ’s birth. Scientists and astronomers were

Obliged to subtract I year, so that 4 B.C. becomes 3 B.C.

Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Jerusalem but not on December 25, 1 A.D. So, December 25 is happy birthday unconquered sun god SATURNALA not happy birthday Jesus!


By  J. R. Cherreguine


YULE, which means 12 days of gluttony and cavorting Scandinavian nudists, the word came from Norse.

CHRISTMAS TREE, which came from tree worshiping Scandinavians, who passed their PINETHEISM to the pagan Roman Catholic who modified it into CHRISTMAS TREE-FETISHISM.

The ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Germans had their tree gods, which they decorated in some occasion.

SANTA CLAUS, which came from the Netherlands introduced by the Dutch throughout the world. From Nicholas to Santa Claus, the name varies from one language to another. Washington Irving gave Santa Claus the superman power to fly in 1809.

Cartoonist Thomas Nast made him puffed cheeks and marsupial paunch look in 1813, becoming more popular than the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan Claus is a cute substitute for the Savior of mankind.

EXPENDING MONEY. The Spanish word for spending money is PAGAR, from the same root word we get the term PAGAN and PASCUA [Christmas].

FIRE AND LIGHTS, which came from ancient Germans and Normans who burn their evergreen trees to ward off evil spirits. The ancient Chinese use firecrackers to scare big evil spirits.

CHRISTMAS LANTERNS especially the five-pointed star that symbolized Satan, the god of this world, who brings the Christmas evil spirits around and invites the money hungry fund-raisers.

GIFT-SEEKERS everywhere. Endless envelops, and crisp paper money. Some public servants had their envelopes ready as early as October.

COLOR LIGHTS, which signifies that you are believer of Christmas [not necessarily Christian] and that you moneybag is ready.

MERRY CHRISTMAS means give me money. MANO PO NINONG- MANO PO NINANG means three to five hundred bucks.

CHRISTMAS PARTIES EVERYWHERE, it is better to go on vacation [hide away] than to stay home.

KRISS KRINGLE, which means Santa Claus with his stupid exchange gift, which the witches of Scotland practiced this exchange gift using evil curses for their enemies.

MR. LONELY, which means that suicide is on the rise because depression is very high on the air.

MORE ROBBERY because materialism is high and majority is in financial crisis or out of job.

HIGH PRICES BUT GOOD BUSINESS for the greedy crocodiles.

RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES giving gifts of sardines and few kilos of rice to the poor but keeping the imported items for themselves.

GOOD POLITICIANS giving gifts from public funds with their own name printed on plastic bags – good time for campaigning and political gimmick.

Christmas is all about hypocrisy, heresy, gimmick, lies, commercialism and human dead good works –or the satanic viewpoint.


By  J. R.  Cherreguine

NEW YEAR celebration connotes heathenism and paganism. Its origin is difficult to determine since most ancient pagan religions have their own version of New Year revelry –based on their own calendar. Ancient religions based their New Year celebration on the movement of the sun, moon, stars and earth –that is astrological not astronomical.

ASTROLOGY is the supposed science of the effect of celestial bodies on human affairs, and related to ASTROLATRY, which is worship of the heavenly bodies [ASTROLATREA - astrolatrea].

ASTROLOGER is a person who claims to know and interpret the supposed influence of the stars and planets on persons or events. Could a person foretell the events in people’s lives based on the happenings in heavens? This is what the fortune-tellers and horoscope are all about.

The New Year Celebration is based on Taoism, FENG SHUI and combination of pagan practices like preparing fruits on the table to invite abundance of food for the coming year.

The noise making and fireworks is to drive away evil spirits [like the spirit of famine, poverty, bad lucks, etc.], which are the primary teaching of cults.

Believers are not supposed to share in the table of demons or cup of demons or sacrifice to demons [1 Corinthians 10:19-22].

SHARERS IN DEMONS refers to the activities, practices of believers that are not of the Lord. [Like, when you consult a FENG SHUI master regarding your house construction].   

The believer is said to be SHARERS IN DEMONS whenever he consult his zodiac prediction for guidance.

The CUP OF DEMONS and TABLE OF DEMONS refers to practices, traditions and rituals of the world adapted by the believers [like celebrating Christmas, New Year, Valentine]. Paying homage to the dead on November first, hanging Christmas lanterns or putting up a Christmas tree are partaking in the cup of demons.

Celebrating new moon, New Year, new millennium is actually celebrating the feast of some astrological deities [gods]. It is not Scriptural and it is demonic in nature.

FIRECRACKERS are to scare evil spirits of poverty, sickness, misery, and poor health. It originated from ancient pagan practices of driving out the evil spirits from animals.

THE MIDNIGHT MEAL is an adaptation of midnight offerings of foods and drinks to pagan gods.

The New Year celebration is a mixture of ancient superstitions and traditions disguised as Christian celebration.

“What do I mean then? That a thing sacrificed to idols is anything? No, but I say that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons, and not to God; and I do not want you to become sharers in demons”.

“You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons”.

[See 1 Corinthians 10:19-21]

New Year celebration is burdensome and costly for some. For some it is their source of pride and self-glory.


By  J. R.  Cherreguine

FENG SHUI is more than 3000 year- old Chinese Philosophy and art of placement. It is means “wind and water” which claims to create spiritually, healthful and appealing home.

FENG SHUI is a balance of yin and yang- that is finding harmony between energy flows. Practitioners believe that certain places are luckier, certain shapes are more conducive to a balanced life, some symmetry are preferred over angles.

FENG SHUI popularity is alarmingly high. Developers, builders, home- owners are all consulting FENG SHUI masters. Even Christians are affected and it deceives the elite, intelligent, the rich and poor alike.

Let us consider several things about FENG SHUI:

It originated from the cultic practices of astrology, fortune telling, charms of the ancient Eastern religions, and a mixture of science and superstition.

God alone has the Master Plan for the life of every person base on their personal decisions as foreknown by God in the eternity past and included in the divine decree.

To trust FENG SHUI for your future health and wealth is to accept satanic lies and human viewpoint.

FENG SHUI objects and charms looks harmless ad decorative but without knowing that some pagan religions are actually using them as religious object of worship.

To display those icons is to invite the curse of God into your home.

FENG SHUI like any other icons has power supplied by Satan, whose demons attends and ministers to their devotees.

FENG SHUI is a false hope and a false object of confidence for your wealth and health. Nothing in this world can guarantee your good health and future except God.

It claims to provide somewhat perfect environment that provide good future. But not even the perfect Garden of Eden was able to guarantee good and healthy future.

Your good future begins at the very moment you believe and accept the free gift of salvation and it continues in your spiritual growth and maturity.

No objects (like FENG SHUI fishes and plants) can create a happy and lasting marital relationship. Good health and wealth comes from the justice of God through His grace pipeline.

FENG SHUI designed porcelain jars and items (like frogs, horses) are all related to ancient Chinese folk religion that dominates the Chinese culture.

FENG SHUI is a demonic cult dressed as science and philosophy. To many, it is innocent and harmless looking.

Some FENG SHUI rituals and traditions are widely welcome without suspicion that they are demonic (like the blood of animals or man offered during the digging of building foundation –1 Cor. 10:20).

FENG SHUI is a booming business and a growing cult religion that is creeping the doors of many homes undetected by ignorant believers. Majority of genuine believers unconsciously are practitioners FENG SHUI traditions and rituals.