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Salvation is the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Salvation is final-it is a privilege of a living person to believe and receive the free gift of redemption of his soul while he is alive.

The final destination of a dead person, either heaven or hell is no exchange –no return. Every person has the chance to be saved while alive. The dead has no chance to change his situation. He is permanently assigned his everlasting destination.

Praying for the dead, lighting candles, honoring them with praises, offering flowers (but insulting and mocking them while living) is fictional, heretical and it is not biblical teaching.

Many pagan religions honor their dead on certain occasions. The practice did not originate from the Bible. The traditional religion introduced the prayer for the dead only in A.D 300 but many Eastern religion and Chinese folk religion pray for their dead several thousand years ahead.

The dead people has no capacity to hear, prayer, or mass and indulgences

offered in their behalf. God does not listen to the prayer of the unbelievers.

God determines the final destination of the dead based on the individual decision to accept or reject Christ’s finished work. No person can change his decision after his physical death.

Our final destiny depends on our own decision now: believe or reject Jesus Christ. Prayer for the dead was designed to increase church revenues through the sales of candles, indulgences, payment for mass, flowers and other gimmick.

Praying for the dead builds false hope and confidence for life after death. It creates false expectation that dead men can change their final state. Praying for the dead to change their final state is like asking the president to pardon a criminal already executed by lethal injection – an entirely useless effort.

Talking to a dead person through prayer is like talking to someone in the telephone when the line is dead. Dead people cannot hear the prayer of the living. They have no capacity to know what is going on earth.

A birthday or anniversary celebration for a dead person is ridiculous since the dead person ceased to exist. Age is the duration of life in the world and it stops at the moment the person dies. It is stupid to continue counting years, which the dead person did not utilize for living.

God will not hear the prayer for the dead people since they are no longer on earth. God cannot change their final state because His decision is not based on the petition, request or prayer of men. He acts according to His essence. God cannot change the decision He made. He cannot revise the action He made – He is perfect. His actions and decisions are all based on his perfect nature.


THE HALLOWEEN FEAST started out long before the birth of Christ in Eastern Europe and ancient China when people would go out dressed in gory and horrifying costumes made of animal skins to cast away the spirits of the dead who returned as wandering witches.

Halloween officially began in early 7th century A.D. It was inspired by the ancient Celtic rituals of the Druids help in honor of SAMBAIN, the god of the dead, whose feast falls on the first day of November.

The Druids believed that on October 31, SAMBAIN summoned all the evil spirits that had inhabited the bodies of animals. Candles were lit to guide the evil spirits to the home of their kinsmen.

The Druids believed that the souls of the “good men” were taken into paradise while those of the wicked were left wandering between the space of moon and earth.

To appease those evil spirits, who were believed to haunt the living and cast misfortunes on them, they offered food and shelter. Luxurious tombs in the cemetery are adaptation of this belief.

The term Halloween comes from Medieval England meaning “All hallow eve” or the eve of the saints. The practice of “tricks or treat” originated in Ireland, the pumpkins from America and the flying witches on sticks from England.

The Catholic adapted the feast of All Hallow and All Souls day in 7th Century A.D.


The soul of a dead people whether in heaven or hell cannot leave their final state to visit the living [Luke 16:26, 31].

At the moment of physical death, the soul separates from the deceased body and immediately goes to heaven or to hell [Luke 16:22-23].

There is no purgatory-otherwise, Jesus Christ need not come and die for the sin of the human race. [Romans 3:21-28, 8:1].

If a person rejects the plan of grace and His salvation, then nothing and nobody can change the divine decision [Matthew 12:32b].

There is nothing spiritual about the feast of Halloween. It is not spiritual to celebrate the Halloween.

There is nothing logical about the feast of Halloween. All Souls day and All Saints day are purely superstition.

Halloween is a satanic scheming that diverts people from the truth of God’s Word.

Halloween is religious commercialism and business that makes life in this world more difficult and bitter.

Halloween is hallucination, a substitute for the Truth of Scripture. It is slavery in the form of religious tradition.

All Saints day which actually do not in anyway relate to genuine saints is use by the cults to scare and trick people. All Souls day is supposedly design to remember the departed ones.

It is ridiculous to celebrate the feasts of souls when in reality they are in severe pains in hell.



In effect, it implies that the death of Christ is not sufficient for the sins of man. It implies that human good work is the final authority for one’s final destiny of the soul.

It implies that religious traditions and rituals [like mass, prayer for the dead, indulgences, etc.] are more powerful and authoritative than the sovereignty and lordship of Jesus Christ.

THE DOCTRINE OF PURGATORY IS AN INSULT TO THE GRACE PLAN OF GOD. It insults salvation by grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone.

It implies that salvation is by human good works –by the will of man and not by the work of God [John 1:11-13].

Acceptance of purgatory is rejection of God’s plan of grace.

Purgatory is a devious invention of the traditional church released only in A.D. 1414 together with the dogma of sin.

The Lord Jesus Christ did not mention purgatory in any of His preaching. No writers of the Canon of the Scripture mentioned anything about purgatory.

No Old Testament writer or prophet or judge ever mentioned purgatory.

Even the very text use by the Catholic as proof-text for their dogma of the purgatory IS NOT ACTUALLY ABOUT PURGATORY [see 2 Maccabees 7:9, 14:46, 12:43-45].

PURGATORY INSULTS THE HUMAN RATIONAL REASONING. There are too many questions that has no answer:

o    How long a person will stay in purgatory for cleansing is unclear.

o    How do you know when a person is already released to heaven from purgatory?

o    How many mass, prayer for the soul, indulgences, lit candles and flowers are necessary so that a person can be release to heaven?

o    Can the living on earth assist the souls in purgatory?

o    What guarantee can a Catholic have that certain soul can be released from purgatory?

o    How sure that prayer, mass, and other rituals can assist the souls in purgatory?

o    What kind of fire and what kind of cleansing agent are being used in purgatory?

o    What is the reality of fire in that purgatory?

If there is purgatory that is capable of cleansing the soul of men so that they can go to heaven, then why Jesus Christ has to die for the sins of all men?

If there is purgatory, why Jesus did not mention it? Why the apostles did not know anything about it? Why the New Testament omitted it?

The Bible is the Word of God. God is Truth. God is true to Himself and there is no lie in Him They are liars- the sons of their father [John 8:44b] and there is no truth in them.

We have to examine every teaching, ritual, tradition, practice and dogma to see whether they are from God. The Bible is the only authority when it comes to spiritual matter but beware of men who distort the truth of the Bible for their selfish gains.


The time and manner of physical death of every individual is in the hand of God, nobody and nothing can change, alter, add or subtract from the duration of our existence. Each one us will die exactly on the very hour designated by God’s sovereign will. Nobody and nothing can add a single minute to our lives. Medical science and modern technology can only minimize the pains of our body but in no way it can add a single minute. A sick person will die exactly on his appointed time, with or without medical treatment.

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27)

For many, the thought of physical death carries a multiple emotional responses that seek consolations from human sympathy. The fear of death leads to more decisions that produces more problems rather than solutions. Men prepare themselves for this wonderful event mostly on the material and religious aspects. Religious aspect does not necessarily mean spiritual. A person might be religious but never spiritual, because a spiritual person is regenerated and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Religion can only provide false hope, a false aspiration to live in the next life, on which they have a distorted knowledge. Medical science and technology provide a false hope and assurance of longevity of life. Men seek opinion from the “experts” such as movie and TV celebrities and from the wise men of the world but such opinions are futile. Everything we need to know about deaths (there are seven kinds of death) are written in the Bible. The “experts” are blind guides that will lead us to destruction.

There is no solution for physical death in this world except from the Word of God, for this reason, the devil is against the genuine Christians because they proclaim the truth of the Scriptures, they teaches Biblical truth which is distorted by Satan and by the cosmic system.

When it is your time to go, your soul will separate from your body, your soul will go directly to hell, your body will become dust, a composite fertilizer and soil pollutants. The human soul is immortal, indestructible, and immaterial and cannot remain in the world without a physical body to live. The human body is very fragile and can be easily destroyed by just anything, but no amount of C-4 explosives can destroy your soul.

There is nothing we can do to prevent the event of our death, (because physical death is an appointment with God and nobody can change the time of your appointment) but we can determine where we are going after we die. If an individual accepts by his non-meritorious faith the free gift of salvation through Christ, he will go directly to heaven right after he died.

The only reason a person will go to hell is because of his rejection of Jesus Christ as the only savior (John 1:14), and not because of his sins. All of our sins (past, present and future) are forgiven in Christ (Colossians 1:14), therefore sins will never be the issue for anyone before God.

Physical death is just the beginning, it is not the finale of human sufferings in the world:

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this (the physical death) comes the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27)

Everyone who has rejected the free gift of salvation (Romans 6:23) of the Lord Jesus Christ (John 1:11-12) will stand before the Great White throne judgment at the end of human history (Revelation 20:11-15).

The thought of physical death should never harass anybody, but instead serve as an eager anticipation of standing face to face with the Lord Jesus Christ, the only remedy and solution for death. He did not need to die because His humanity is perfect, but still did so that we might live through Him. His death brought us the everlasting life, which is freely available to all. Believe it and accept it to live forever. ????
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