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Every individual Christian has a major role to play in his generation of the Church Age. Believers can be invisible heroes or invisible villains, but there is no ordinary Christian in the royal family of God.

When a Church Age believer advances to spiritual maturity, he has a positive impact or influence on history. He is the factor for prosperity in his locality. His spirituality functions as the salt and the light of his community.

The negative impact of the royal family of God also comes from the individual believer who also rejects the will, plan and purpose of God bring suffering and divine discipline upon himself and becomes the source of adversity in his periphery and nation.

The power system of the Church age was to create invisible heroes. An invisible hero is a spiritual believer who advances to spiritual maturity and received his fivefold impact:

PERSONAL IMPACT: People in the mature believer’s periphery, including his own family, loved ones, organization, company and closed friends receive blessing by their association with him. The blessing comes in form of logistical grace provision, protection and prosperity in various aspects. God is blessing the people around him, in his local church, his company or organization all because of the spiritually mature believer. God is protecting the community from various disasters and calamities because He is protecting the mature believers. God is concerned about the welfare of the mature believer not because of the people around him. The spiritually mature believer is the friend of God (James 2:23) under the super grace sanctions, and maximum blessings available to spiritual superheroes.

HISTORICAL IMPACT: Every nation receives blessing through the mature believers who resides within its borders. The vigor, prosperity, and survival of a nation revolve around mature believers we called “pivot”. A pivot is a group of anonymous unsung, spiritually mature believers, which is the only solution to national degeneracy. Below a certain level of national decline, the spiritual pivot is the only solution and a nation’s only hope. Blessing to the nation is an escrow blessing our Lord distributes to the mature believers.

The mature believers contribute positively and effectively to their nation. They do not crusade in the name of Christianity to remake or whitewash their nation in the image of their personal interest (Romans 13:1-7). They are good citizens (made better by their Christianity) whose presence in the community itself is more powerful than the political power play of the pseudo-Christians.

The pivot of mature believers is more powerful than the greatest organization of the world that is constantly manipulating the world’s political system. The impact of the pivot is stronger than the most powerful bomb ever exploded on earth’s surface.

INTERNATIONAL IMPACT: Nations are blessed by association with mature believers who come as missionaries from another nation. The spiritually mature missionary is an invisible hero, a source of blessing to two nations, the nation in which he serves and the nation from which he is sent. Spiritually mature believers are catalysts for blessings wherever they go. They are the spiritual assets of every nation. Carnal believers are liabilities.  Nations that accommodate them are always at risk of experiencing something unpleasant. Calamities and disasters follow them wherever they go.

Spiritual maturity is measured by Bible doctrines stored in the souls of the believers not by activity involvement. Spiritual maturity is never determined by length of time the Christians are member of a local church but by the amount Bible doctrines resident in the soul, by their personal knowledge of God, knowledge of God’s will, God’s plan and God’s purpose. Most often, the most active in the church are the most carnal and ignorant of God’s will.

Spiritual believers are the subjects of divine protection, wherever the go, as long as they are dong the will of God, whether they are full-time missionaries or overseas contract workers earning their living. God may use an evil government to protect the mature believers (like what He did for apostle Paul).

Paul was given military escorts in several occasions to protect his life from religious murderers. His imprisonment was logistical blessings under the will of God:

¨  Personal protection

¨  Preaching of the Gospel

¨  Proclamation of Bible doctrines

¨  Undeserved suffering tests

¨ Free board and lodging

It is always safe to be in God’s will. The most dangerous place in the world for the believers is outside the will, plan and purpose of God. Spiritually mature believers are always safe and secure in God’s hand. Carnality always jeopardizes the believer’s security in the world. In such cases, where the carnal believer is living for the world, his worst enemy is not Satan, OSN or the world but God Himself.

“You adulterers, do you not know that friend –ship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore, whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God? (James 4:4).

Thecarnal reversionistic pastors are the real troublemakers; bringing a lot of troubles to every home they entered. Like Absalom, they are stealing the hearts of the people away from God (1 Samuel 15:6). They are extremely dangerous saints (Jude 4-7).

ANGELIC IMPACT: God will summon the spiritually mature believers behind the witness stand to testify about the grace of God in the appeal trial of Satan. The mature Christians are strong evidences of the grace of God.

Not all Christians are qualified to testify because the testimony will come from the devils cross examination of the super-grace mature believers under maximum sufferings of evidence testing (Job 1:6-2:6, Matthew 4:1-11, Ephesians 6:11-12).

Angels (both elect and fallen) are constantly observing the human race (1 Corinthians 4:9, Ephesians 3:10, 1 Timothy 5:21, 1 Peter 1:12), and the mature believer will pass such cross-examination only by using divine resources:

¨  Bible doctrines stored in his soul

¨ The power of the Holy Spirit

¨  Problem-solving devices

¨ The omniscience of God

¨  Spiritual resources

The spiritually mature believers have far-reaching impact among the people of the world, human history and angelic beings. You can contribute better things for your country through spirituality and maturity than politics.

HERITAGE IMPACT: The loved ones and close friends of the spiritually mature believers receive blessing after his physical death. The spiritually mature believer can face death with complete assurance that God will care for those he leaves behind. He can rest in peace being assured that he need not worry about their welfare.

His immediate family and close friends are blessed not necessarily because they are spiritual or mature Christians themselves but because of God’s high regard for the departed mature believer. Therefore, losers and carnal believers or unbelievers can receive heritage impact just as they receive personal impact blessing during the mature believer’s sojourns on earth. Heritage impact blessings do not impose any regulation or rule on the beneficiaries.

The Christian’s privilege of having spiritual impact is being defied by passiveness and massive neglect of Bible doctrines. Pastors and Bible teachers are neglecting their duty in teaching pure Bible doctrines instead they push their followers to be involved in futile, unsuccessful and ineffective ventures like:

        ·  Emotionalism

        ·  Personality cults

        ·  Church programs and activities

        ·  Social ministries

        ·  Religious - Political activism

        ·  Humanistic crusades

Trends in nominal Christianity show signs of an imbalance that emphasizes the visible at the expense of the invisible, the material at the expense of the spiritual, the believer’s overt image at the expense of the inner dynamics of Bible doctrine in the soul.

Ignorance of biblical doctrines is the root of these deep-rooted problems. Ignorance undercuts every good intention. No matter how the Christian desires to make his life count for God, if he is ignorant of God’s plan, will and purpose, he will fail to glorify God. At best, his life is spiritually empty and lacking spiritual impact. At worst, his impact is for evil as he inadequately struggles in Satan’s cause to improve the devil’s world.

The manner and extent of the glorification of God in the Church Age are left to the positive volition of the individual believer, hence the scope of the Christian’s influence is virtually unlimited. Believers create the trends of human history – anonymously. Since the invisible impact of the spiritually mature believers is not restricted, Satan is working double time to hamper the growth and momentum of every positive volition believer by every means.

The Lord Jesus Christ repeatedly encouraged the Church Age believers to take initiative, advance spiritually, and pursue their spiritual destinies (John 14:13-14, 15:16, 16:23-24). Christians are not left powerless and incapable of gaining spiritual victory since God has already provided everything we need to grow and advance spiritually.

We are not endowed with supernatural power for our own gratification and pleasure. What we received is the authority to utilize the power of God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. Our authority to use the power of the Holy Spirit is never left at our own judgment or will but according to divine purpose.

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

Our authority for using the power of God is always related to our spiritual advancement and momentum toward maturity. It is not designed for mystical power play or building a super-faith image. What the world is seeing is the demonstration of religious power play from mystical sources, not the power of God in action.

The power God left for the Church Age believers are designed for selective and exclusive purposes under the divine system:

  ·  Personal spiritual growth

  ·  Spiritual advancement of the body

  ·  Personal problem solving

  ·  Royal Priesthood’s functions

  ·  Royal Ambassador’s function

It is ridiculous to claim that the power of God is responsible for things He declared no longer acceptable and allowed in the Church Age, like healing the sick, miracles, signs and wonder. God will not use His power for such things because they are not necessary and obsolete, since it belongs to another era or dispensation.

Religious display of demonic power in many churches is blasphemous. God will never allow His power to be manipulated by such unregenerate or reversionist people. The perfect God will never put His power in the hands of sinful men, who will misuse or abuse it. The so-called miracles, signs and wonders are actually the work of the devil that is using his advocates to deceive the ignorant of God’s Word.


There are three things in this world that has eternal value:

    ·  The resident Holy Spirit in the believer

    ·  The Word of God in the soul

    ·  The soul of the believer

In the world, only the Trinity and the Word of God are eternal, they have no beginning and have no end. The souls of the believers received the eternal life of God, which is more accurate to call “everlasting life” because it has a beginning (the moment a person believed and received the free gift of salvation) but has no ending.

In this planet, people (including believers) are deeply absorbed in the things of the world. They are trapped in the matters of the world and things of the world. Carnal believer at the point of their pseudo strength creates different spiritual power that comes not from God but from Satan. God is glorified by His own power system, by His own perfection and never by human self-righteousness.

Self-righteousness is human alternative for the perfection of God and His work for the entire human race. Self-righteousness is replacing the power of God with human power. It is substituting the finished work of Christ on the cross for the salvation of man with human incapacity to gain the approval of God with human works.

Human good works cannot please God and it cannot access to God because it is not based on Bible doctrines. “And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6).

God can accept only His own perfection and righteousness. There is no other way to be acceptable before God than through His perfect righteousness and we do not have that kind of righteousness.

The grace of God means that Christ earned our merits before God. He earned our acceptance to God has already provided us that righteousness in Christ Jesus the moment we believe and accept the free gift of salvation. We live in God’s righteousness by constantly storing Bible doctrines in the souls. We can only live in God’s way by progressively and systematically studying Bible doctrines until we depart from this world.

Christians cannot do the will of God unless they have knowledge of the will of God planted in their souls. They cannot obey the will of God unless they know the Word of God. They cannot love God unless they know the Word of God. They cannot serve God unless they know the Word of God. There is only one issue here, before we can love, serve, and worship God; we must know Him through His Word.

For things to be acceptable before God requires several elements:

·  Done under the filling of the Holy Spirit

·  Done according to Bible doctrines

·  Done in God’s power (not human power)

·  Done in God’s way

·  Done in God’s time

·  Done in God’s method

The issue is not doing great things for God but doing the right thing at the right time in the right way. God is not asking believers to aspire great things for Him but to do His small things accordingly. Most of the Old Testament believers listed in Hebrews chapter eleven simply lived for God on day-by-day basis.

God is not asking the believers to do the impossible to have spiritual and eternal impact. He has provided unlimited possibility for us to glorify Him in time and in eternity by simply doing His will, one day at a time.

Do not follow the mystical preachers who goad their followers to do great things in this world as expressions of their “spiritual victory’ in conquering the world for God. ¨¨¨

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