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J. R. Cherreguine

War is the act of force, usually on behalf of the state, intended to compel a declared enemy to obey the will of the other. The aim is to render the opponent incapable of further resistance by destroying its capability and will to bear arms in pursuit of its own aims. War is therefore a continuation of politics carried on with violent and destructive means, as an instrument of policy.

In the wars of the late 20th century, 90% of casualties have been civilian (in World War II, the figure was 50%; compared to 5% civilian casualties of World War I).

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), there were fewer wars in 1995 than at any time since the end of the Cold War in 1989. All 30 of the wars in 1995 were civil wars fought within nations, apparently signaling a further shift from the pattern of inter-state wars which had characterized the modern era. More of these internal conflicts were fought over territory than over government control. Global military spending in 1997 was 800 billion dollars.

The estimated figure for loss of life in wars in the Third World since 1945 is 17 million. War is generally divided into strategy, the planning and conduct of a war, and tactics, the deployment of forces in battle.

There are two general types of war as classified by SIPRI: the low-intensity conflict and the major-armed conflict.

There are three types of low-intensity conflict:

GUERILLA WAR is the waging of low-level conflict by irregular forces against an occupying army or against the rear of an enemy force. Some examples include Chairman Mao Zedong’s campaign against the Nationalist Chinese and T.E. Lawrence’s Arab revolt against the Turks.

CIVIL WAR is the waging of war by opposing parties or members of different regions, within a state. The American Civil War (1861-65), the English Civil War of the 17th century, and the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) are notable examples.

LIMITED WAR is the concept that a war may be limited in both geographical extent and levels of force exerted and with the aim to stop short of achieving the destruction of the enemy. The Korean War (1950-53) falls within this category.

The term Low-intensity conflict is now applied to US for its intervention in the Third World beginning 1980, ranging from drug-running to funding and training guerillas, and fought with political, economic, and cultural weapons as well as by military means. Low-intensity conflicts are political manipulations of USA with violence to keep its dominance in the world.

Major armed conflict refers to war that which kills more than 5000 people a year. The conflict in Chechnya was by far the worst in 1995, when an estimated 40,000 people were killed.

There are two types of Major armed conflict:

TOTAL WAR is the waging against both combatants and noncombatants, taking the view that no distinction should be made between them. The Spanish Civil War marked the beginning of this type of warfare, in which bombing from the air included both civilians and military targets.

ABSOLUTE WAR is the view that there should be no limitations, such as law, compassion, or prudence, in the application of force, the sole aim being to achieve the complete annihilation of one’s opponent. Such a concept contradicts the notion, formulated by Clausewitz of war as an instrument of political dialogue since it implies that no dialogue is actually intended. It has been claimed that no nuclear warfare would assume such proportions and would be in accordance with the doctrine of mutually assured destruction.

The American war against Iraq (2003) is a total war because bombs were projected against civilian and military targets. There were low casualties because of adequate strong underground air-raid shelters. The modern total war is characterized by swift and non-stop bombing by the attacking forces.

The Old Testament Israel had to take possession of the Promised Land by armed conquest. They had to engage in a long and bloody war before the Canaanite tribes were finally subdued. Israel was employed by God to sweep them away from the face of the earth. The mandates and laws given to ancient Israel were not meant to be applied to later times. The passages related to waging of war that applied exclusively to Israel cannot be used in our situation.


Despite man’s effort for peace, warfare will continue until the millennial kingdom (Isaiah 2:4, Matthew 24:6). Never in the human history has been a time when warfare has not been raging in some corner of the world. The root causes of these armed conflicts are the old sinful nature, the human volition and craftiness of Satan in the angelic conflict. Angelic conflict is the duration beginning from satanic rebellion against God until his condemnation to the Lake of Fire (Revelation 20:21). The duration of the entire human history is the period given to Satan to carry out his devious schemes against every member of the human race. A war free world is not possible because of the following factors:

1) The presence of the old sinful nature in   every man carrying out the cycle of good and evil all throughout the human history. Political, military, and economic power is dangerous weapons in the hands of people controlled by old sin nature.

2) The human volition inspired by arrogance seeking dominance and superiority. The human ego will always seek its exaltation or glorification and will take advantage of every opportunity, even when it means destruction of lives and properties.

3) The presence of Satan and his demons in the world that creates turmoil and instability among men by inspiring political and military superiority. Satan is not a creator but a destroyer.

4) Under certain political and military circumstances, warfare is absolutely necessary for maintaining the national sovereignty of a nation under attack by nation/s seeking the destruction of their freedom.

Until the Second Coming of Christ warfare is absolutely inevitable among men and among nations (Eccl. 3:8). Nations that lose war lose their freedom. The right for national defense is sanctioned by God since no leader today carries divine authority to wage war against another nation in the name of peace or freedom.

The very organization founded to prevent war among nations is the very organization that triggered major armed-conflict in 16 nations since 1950. The United Nations is being used by the most powerful nation to protect their own interests and preserve their dominion in the world. America is not after world peace or freedom but after its dominion. The campaign for political and military supremacy will always lead to war. Consider the ambition of Alexander the Great, the Roman SPQR, the Nazis, the Japanese Emperor Hirohito and now the United States of America.

No nation has the right to attack another nation and destroy their national sovereignty and freedom.  National autonomy and well-being inevitably depend on a superior army. Only the armed forces of a nation can protect freedom from attacking armed forces of another nation.  A nation perpetuates freedom when its military succeeds but risks enslavement when its military fails. A strong military armed forces establish a buffer against conflict. A nation cannot survive from armed conflict without strong armed forces.

Warfare is cruel and brutal but it is the means for preserving freedom and peace. While armed forces of the defending nation protect its sovereignty and freedom the armed forces of the aggressor is trying to destroy the same sovereignty and freedom. Violence is justified as the sole deterrent against violent aggression.

War is politics employing violence, used and manipulated by world leaders to carry out their egotistical interest and goals in the cosmic system. It a stage to parade their power, superiority and it serves as an arena to bully their challengers. War is dirty because it is politics manifesting the arrogance of men.


War is divine judgment and divine discipline from God because of the widespread rejection of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the unbelievers and rejection of Bible doctrine by the believers. War is designed to execute the judgment by pain, judgment by death, and the destruction of a nation by finesse. Satan uses war to destroy and to render the believers idle and useless for God. War is a divine discipline for the carnal believers, undeserved suffering for blessing for the mature believers.

War is a reminder for believers to set their priority, to aim at their goal of the Christian life (that is spiritual maturity) and to focus on Christ and on Bible doctrine. It is a reminder for every member of the human race about the frailty and shortness of life on earth. War is a red light that stops the progress of spiritual degeneration of a nation; it checks our spiritual passiveness, laziness and inconsistency. It brings us back to reality and truth of God’s sovereignty and authority.

War is harsh, cruel and costly but it is very effective in making believers realize the importance of living inside the will, plan and purpose of God. War is divine discipline that executes the fourth and fifth cycle of divine discipline

Spiritual decline foreshadow military disaster from the hands of attacking forces. Apostasy in the souls of believers progressively feeble military forces are subsequently threaten the freedom of a nation. Abandonment of God’s truth eroded the spiritual life of the Israelites in every generation leading to their repeated enslavement by other nations.


When ancient Israel was saturated with apostasy and reversionism, God warned her through the increasing intensity of five cycles of divine discipline. The following are the description of the five phases or cycles of national divine discipline executed against any nation that rejects the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Bible doctrine. The execution of the five cycles of discipline is progressive as the nation increasingly rejects the Word of God.

One. Loss of health and widespread epidemic without any medical remedy, decline of agricultural prosperity, terror and fear in battle grabs the souls of the people. Young men refuse to serve in the armed forces for fear of death and loss of personal sense of freedom due to negative volition toward genuine Bible doctrine (Leviticus 26:14-17).

Two. Nationwide economic recession and depression, there is an ever –increasing individual discipline for continued negative volition in spite of the first series of divine warnings (Leviticus 26:14-16).

Three. There is a widespread violence, breakdown of law and order in every sector. There is also some kind of restriction to travel and commerce (Leviticus 26:21-22).

Four. Military conquest and occupation of foreigners, scarcity of food, nationwide famine, separation of families, loss of lives and properties.

Five. Loss of national sovereignty and total destruction of a nation by military defeat (Leviticus 26:27-29).

War carries out the divine judgment for the unbelievers:

JUDGMENT BY PAIN is God’s expression of grace to the unbeliever leading to evangelism. God allows severe physical pains so that they will call upon the Lord. This type of pain is executed in times of peace or war upon unbelievers who would never bother about normal Gospel presentation (2 Peter 3:9)

JUDGMENT BY DEATH is executed to unbelievers after repeated judgment by pain fails to bring him to faith in Christ. Judgment by death is executed only after the unbeliever has hardened through his negative volition as ameans of protecting the human race from evil elements of the society. The evils of cosmic influence must be restrained after a long period of grace. God removes the cancer from the society in order to preserve believers and perpetuate mankind. Some notable examples are the Pharaoh Amenhotep II (Exodus 8:32), the Herods, Nero and Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab.

JUDGMENT BY FINESSE is God’s strategy to destroy evil by using evil. Jesus Christ controls the human history despite the fact that Satan rules the world and He uses the devil’s advocate to destroy the other evil.

War is the product of old sin nature, ignited by the arrogance of the human volition, supported by the devil and his demons, but is used by God to remove those who rejects the Gospel and Bible doctrine of Christ. War involves two opposing parties with spiritual problems striving for supremacy in the world. Men will always wage war against each other as long as they possess old sin nature.
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