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J. R. Cherreguine

SUICIDE is the act of killing oneself on purpose. There are two (2) kinds of suicide: the honorable suicide and dishonorable suicide.

HONORABLE SUICIDE refers to suicide missions designated as a military action or operation that is certain to result in the death of the persons involved, like a suicide missions inside the enemy territory.

DISHONORABLE SUICIDE refers to a suicide in a moment of extreme fear, extreme despair or deep anxiety, the result of which is often ruinous to one’s own interests.

SEVEN CASES OF SUICIDE IN THE BIBLE: Two believers committed suicide but different in category. Samson’s was of honorable purpose [Judges 16:30], but king Saul’s was of dishonorable purpose [1 Samuel 31:4].

Four unbelievers resolved to die by suicide because of personal failures: ABIMELECH (the son of Gideon) committed suicide because of failures in his political career [Judges 9:54]. The armor bearer of king Saul committed suicide as sympathy to failure of his master  [1 Samuel 31:5] AHITHOPHEL, (private counselor of king David) resolved to commit suicide because

unfulfilled dreams and ambitions [2 Samuel 17:23]. ZIMRI, (servant of king ELAH) also resolved to die by suicide because of political failures [1 Kings 16:18]. JUDAS ISCARIOT was the only one from the New Testament who died by suicide. ONLY SAMSON died in the state of spirituality, from weakness was made strong [Hebrews 11:32,34].

ONLY GOD has the authority and right to terminate our biological life on earth. The time and manner of our physical death is divine prerogative. SUICIDE IS NOT ONLY COWARDICE to face the trials and pains of life but a futile attempt to escape from reality.

SUICIDE MAY RESOLVE TO MORE SUFFERINGS and problems rather than solve the present problem. It will hurt your love ones more than your self. SUICIDE IS FAILURE to know and utilize the divine solutions God has provided to every believer. We are not left in this world without divine resources.

SUICIDE IS HUMAN SOLUTION that actually is not a solution but a trap from Satan. SUICIDE is an emotion that kicks out truth and reason –it is emotion out of control.

SUICIDE IS THE REJECTION OF GOD’S PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE and acceptance of satanic schemes to resolve human problems.

DISHONORABLE SUICIDE is not the will of God for man.


J. R. Cherreguine

Anxiety is a universal experience. In comparison to fear, which is the apprehension of a real and present danger, anxiety anticipates non-existent dangers in the future and helplessly dwells on how to reduce them. Even as many dangers and diseases are eliminated, our world grows increasingly worrisome, prompting many modern thinkers to call the last half of the twentieth century the "age of anxiety."

 Modern psychology and medicine provide evidence that worry and anxiety have disastrous effects ranging from ulcers to chronic feelings of unhappiness. Psychological theories are constructed and therapeutic rituals formulated to stop the tide of anxiety. Psychological terror reigns in our world. We are our own torturers.

The Lord states clearly in Matthew 6:25-32 that worry is a complete waste of energy and should not be indulged because God provides for our needs. He then appeals to reason about the consequences of worry when He asks, "Can your worry add a single cubit to your life?" Care and fretting have never manipulated the future and will never do so. Jesus states that the ungodly fret over having their needs met, but that believers have security in the Father.

 The position of the Lord regarding anxiety appears straightforward: (1) God the Father loves us and is in complete control; (2) God will meet our needs; (3) worry is useless and without effect. Jesus Christ compares fretting over our basic needs to the ways of the ungodly and contrasts this with the spiritually mature life of faith.

 The apostle Paul echoes this position in Philippians 4:6: "Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." The reasoning for the Christian is that God is the perfect Person in complete control of life's events.

The Word of God buttresses us against worry only through the power of the Holy Spirit. During a time when the natural response is to be anxious, the believer's relationship to the Holy Spirit is to sustain him The believer's confidence grows with the understanding that one's cares can be rolled onto God "because He cares for you" (I Peter 5:7). For the Christian, overcoming worry is relationship, not a technique.

 Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:33 what we should put in place of worry. Indeed, He gives us a contingency that tells us the only way to guarantee that our needs will be met. It is only when we seek spirituality in our lives that we are assured about our provision. Talking about meeting needs apart from a central relationship with the Creator is contradictory.

 As Martha fussed over the preparations for dinner, Jesus said to her in Luke 10:41-42, "Martha, Martha, you are worried about so many things, but only a few things are necessary, really only one thing." Overcoming anxiety is more than an injunction to stop. A developing, daily walk undergirds learning to worry less with God.

He said to His disciples, "For this reason I say to you, do not be anxious for your life, as to what you shall eat; nor for your body, as to what you shall put on [Luke 12:22].

“Casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you [1 Peter 5:7]

God alone has complete remedy for anxiety, which science and psychology cannot cure.


FEAR has many faces and sources. The Greek word PHOBIA (phobia) or fear in English is a learned response and can be unlearned through the inexpensive fortification of your soul with Bible doctrine.

No amount of behavioral therapy or systematic desensitization (that is psychological therapy combined with hypnosis) can successfully eliminate fear in the mind and heart of a person.

Satan bombarded the entire human race with humanistic viewpoint since the beginning of human history, making man believe his lies and fearful of his schemes.

The primary source of fear is the old sinful nature bombarded with satanic lies (that is the combination of satanic and human viewpoints). Satan is working overtime creating and building up tensions, worries, panic, lies, confusions, and fear in the hearts of men.


Religion has succeeded in creating fear in the hearts of men in a very subtle and unsuspecting manner. Religion is the best instrument of Satan in pulling men into the pit of demonic influence.

There is a very long list of fear, most of which are illogical, pure superstition and unreal.


When it strikes, it must not be allowed to ignite a devastating chain reaction of mental attitude sins that always incapacitate thinking, decision-making and actions.


  1. Fear of future crisis or sudden crisis
  2. Fear of formidable enemy
  3. Fear that torture the mind for negative reactions
  4. Fear that engages in guilt of past failure
  5. Fear in the midst of severe adversity
  6. Fear that results from ignorance of God’s Word
  7. Fear that comes from religious supernatural beliefs
  8. Fear that results from anxiety or panic
  9. Fear that results from outburst of emotion
  10. Fear that results from self-pity and bitterness
  11. Fear that results from loss of self-confidence, mental control and courage toward man
  12. Fear that results from illusion and mystical [schizophrenic]

The more you surrender to fear, the more you continue in fear

The more you continue in fear, the greater your capacity for fear

The greater your capacity for fear, the more you increase the power of fear

The more you increase the power of fear, the more you live by fear

The more you live by fear, the more you are intimidated by life.

FEAR FOCUS ON THE PROBLEM but the Word of God focuses on the divine solution to human problems. The only way to solve human problem is by divine solution.

Human solutions to human problems are NO SOLUTION but breeds more problems leading to fear.

Fear exemplifies human viewpoint and obstructs problem solving.

THE Christian life is a life of victory for we have the VICTOR Himself. We are not aiming, aspiring or fighting for victory but FROM VICTORY.

THE victory of the Christian life is not goal, not the objective, not the project but the CAUSE, the REASON why we endure, the very purpose why we have to continue advancing.

The growing believer who is residing in the will and purpose of God is secured even in the midst of trouble waters-in the worst conflict and disaster. Whenever fear strikes, the believer must resolve to apply the divine solution –that is to totally rely and put your confidence on God [Psalm 56:3].

The Bible doctrine in the soul of the believer is the antidote for fear. God will not remove the cause of our fear but He will reverse the effects of fear by His presence [Psalm 118:6].

DO NOT ANXIOUSLY LOOK ABOUT YOU refers to believers who are seeking human solutions to resolve their problems [Isaiah 41:10]. God in His perfect omniscience knows exactly our problems and the exact solutions. We must look for God who has the solution. Remember, human solution is no solution.


BE STRONG…DO NOT BE AFRAID. The souls of the believers are not immune to fear that affects the human will and effectiveness to keep advancing toward the goal [Deuteronomy 20:1-].

STRONG refers to the power of the spiritual life. Courage is the expression of this strength. Combine strong and courage and you have moral courage.

DO NOT BE AFRAID, means that we do not dwell on the possibility of personal injury or death but the objective set before us. As Christians, we do not dwell on losing the battle but we focus on the VICTORY we already possessed.

DO NOT PANIC. Some irrational and emotional terror may paralyze the mind and the heart. Bible doctrine alone has the power to clear this panic and fear. 

Only the ENCOURAGEMENT FROM THE WORD OF GOD CAN ERADICATE this kind of panic. But the encouragement from human viewpoint creates pseudo peace and more fear. Tranquility under severe pressure is the overt expression of a courageous soul with Bible doctrine.

DO NOT TREMBLE. The fear in the soul cause incapacitating physical reactions or emotional outbursts, that continues to shake the believer for long. Battle courage that comes from the Word of God may not eliminate fear, but allows you to put your training in action in spite of it [Psalm 27:3, 46:6-9, 55:22-23, 140:1-2].

Trembling obscure your focus of divine reality and removes the possibility of good decision. It handicaps the believer from doing the will of God. GOD IS IN CONTROL of human history and of all events in the entire universe. Nothing comes as accident to believers. Everything is part of the divine decree.

God in His perfect knowledge of things related to man keep an eye on every event. Nothing escape His wisdom. Some events happen because God allows it and some happen because He causes it. We manufacture our own anxiety and fear that produce miseries. Fear is letting something or somebody control your soul. Anxiety is letting something push you around (like the Christmas season).

 Cherreguine Bible Doctrine Ministries