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Insecurities of Old Age

Vol. 4 No. 3    December 2010

By J. R. Cherreguine

The greatest knowledge: God

The best gift: Forgiveness
The greatest thing: Love

The greatest handicap: Fear

The meanest feeling: jealousy

The best day to start: Today
The easiest thing to do: Find a fault
The most useless asset: Pride
The greatest mistake: Giving up
The biggest barrier to anything: Egotism
The most horrid person: complainer
The worst bankruptcy: Loss of enthusiasm
The greatest need: Common sense
The greatest moment: Death

The worst insecurity: getting old

The greatest person: Invisible hero

Thesis: The older we get, the worse we become without the Word of God in the soul.

Myths of growing old:

1.       People become better individuals as they grow older.

2.       The older a person grow, the more he become relax and secured.

3.       People become loving and kind as they grow older.

4.       Older individuals have the ability to handle life and dying.

5.       Security is based on what people have gained, attained, and achieved.

6.       Age bring wisdom and expertise.

7.       The older an individual grow the happier they become.

There are two things to aim in life:

1.       To get what you want

2.       To enjoy what you have

It is easy to get what you want but only those with wisdom of God have the capacity to enjoy the second. To enjoy what you have, even though you have not attained what you want require metabolized Bible doctrine in the soul. To live a life apart from Bible doctrine is a high risk journey in a world hostile against God, the Word of God and children of God.  Living a life apart from the Word of God is like digging your own grave and digging through the walls full of snakes (Eccl. 10:8). Life without Bible doctrine is useless and meaningless. Bible doctrine gives meaning to life and anyone with metabolized Bible doctrine has meaning and purpose in life. Any task, endeavor or work done in the light of doctrinal viewpoint will have spiritual relevance and significance.

A profound reality: the Bible has very few commands for the young believers, have some command for the growing believers but many commands for the adult believers. Old age is the best part of a lifetime.




No money

No money



No time




No Strength

In secular sense, age is defined as the number of years that someone has lived or something has existed. The term age is better defined by its evolution through the passage from three phases that includes childhood, youth and old age.  

Childhood is a phase when you are a child. A child is immature, innocent and unaware of the real world. Children always remain in the world of imagination. Whatever, he thinks of; he feels that he would get it. Children always live in an "imaginary world." They do not have money, though full of strength and have all the time to pursue anything.

Being a young man, he has that passion that pushes him to achieve all his goals in life. It is that phase of life that makes him think that he is capable to deal with even the toughest situation that comes in his way. He spends all his life in fulfilling the desires of his family. In his youth, he feels that he is the strongest man who can overtake all his problems and has the courage to win over all the difficulties of his life. They are always on the run for money, no time for God and essential things of life, energetic running after the wind.

And then, he attains his old age when the youthful days end and a young man feels tired after working so hard to survive in this competitive era. This is the age that makes him feel really helpless. He expects his children to take care of him. A man in his young age marries and spends all his life in achieving all the benefits for his children. However, in his old age, he expects his children to give all the facilities of a peaceful life but his expectations frustrate him.

At old age, they are forgotten as the parents who spent their whole youth in fulfilling the desires of their children. But the children feel that they should not waste their time in these rubbish things and go on enjoying their lives. Parents also work for their children and family, but the children forget about the ones who made them the way they are, excluding them in their family.

At old age, they are ignored, forgotten and neglected by their children. With a weary worn out face stares back at me in the mirror, years of grief disorder due to supporting family, now feeling insignificant, empty and lost. At old age, they have the realization that they have become unwanted aliens without freedom what they like to do. They are left alone most of the time, with insecurities poisoning their mind. At adulthood, man will realize that money cannot buy freedom to do what they wanted to do, since disabilities of every sort make them disable to function normally and looking backward for what they have done for their family, relatives and others make them bitter and regretful. 

What will we be remembered for?

Insecurity is the evil nature name,

That takes away your confidence,

Utters your fall down and shame,

Wanting you to take all the blame,

Trying to bring about uncertainty

Tell him to climb the impracticable

 Send him to run back in the race

The roguish sprite in you is at home

But don't let him needle your brain,

Insecure is the coward of cowards,

Take the journey with confidence

And courage to become a winner

Define your worth as child of God

Clear the factors of your insecurity

For the battle is of the Lord friend!

What are you waiting to be happy? People cannot make you happy. Things cannot give you lasting happiness. The things of this world, success, achievement and attainment cannot make you happy. Your thirst for God with your reverence toward God plus commitment to endure carrying the cross resulting to perfect happiness in the world of sorrow. But do not forget the devil wanted to destroy everything the Creator made and that includes your happiness.

David wrote the book of Psalms: a life lived in the predesigned plan of God. Solomon wrote the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes: how to live in the predesigned plan of God, a summary of remorse of his failure. Getting old was Solomon’s greatest tragedy in life which he cultivated through many years of rejection and neglect of Bible doctrine. Age is not of the body but of the soul. Old in the soul is the true value while old in the body is being worn-out, producing weary old women (WOWs) and tired old men (TOMS).

Breakdowns start from loss of mental vigor resulting to loss of physical vigor resulting to spiritual vigor.

In the spiritual life, old age is “the dessert” of life not “the desert” of life since it has the potential to fulfill all that which God gas designed for us to receive. Your real image is how you think not how you look. How you think affects your total being, every part of your body.

Ecclesiastes chapter 12 describes a man who did not remember God in the years of his youthful vigor. It defines a man who rejected Bible doctrine in 4 stages, willfully violated the divine protocol, executing human viewpoint. The chapter begins with the word “remember” a call to act decidedly and not to wait until it is too late, while he has youthful vigor, before he reaches his death bed.

Problem of Old Age

God’s Desire for You

Loss of spiritual Appetite

Growing spiritual Appetite

Lost spiritual vigor

Increasing spiritual vigor

Not teachable

Genuine humility



Spiritual capacity

Divine good work


Spiritual resistant

Fear -Insecurity

Confident -secured

Guilt –Resentment


Freed – fulfilled

Satisfied life


Perfect happiness

Perfect peace

Dependency on Men

Independence from God

Dependency on God

Independence from men

Feeling Unloved by Men

Confidently love by God

Loving men Impersonally


Loss of Memory

Mental ability

Retain sharpness

Build a memory of regrets

Build memory of Bible doctrine

Die without God

Die as  loser believer

Die in dying grace

Die as winner believer

God gave Solomon a “largeness of the heart” literally a breadth of mind, the ability to comprehend the plan, purpose and will of God through consistent study of Bible doctrine (1 Kings 4:29), the opposite of which is the ignorance of truth. Ignorance means the rejection of the truth not the absence of truth. Ignorance of Bible doctrine results to physiological and biological decay of the brain.

Satan is destroying the human brain by means of the following:

·         Mental illness like psychosis

·         Mental disintegration like neurosis

·         Mental breakdown like amnesia

·         Mental disorder like neurosis

·         Mental disassociation like self-isolation

·         Mental dysfunction like Alzheimer

·         Mental retardation like dementia

·         Mental deficiency like lack of attention

·         Mental depression like hopelessness

·         Mental isolation like sociopathic

·         Mental obsession like hysteria

The book of Ecclesiastes recorded and documented Solomon’s 8 fatal experiments in life:

·         Academic speculation and specialization resulting to vexation of the body and spirit (2:1-2)

·         Frantic search for happiness in all kind of pleasure resulting in depression and stress (2:3)

·         Exhausting all his best for his family resulting to bitterness (2:3)

·         Time orientation: attempting great things and aspiring great things (2:4-7) resulting to the peak of arrogance and false integrity.

·         Accumulating wealth, riches, treasures and health (2:8) resulting to loss of life and severe calamity of life.

·         Building a reputation (2:9) resulting to lost spiritual reward and humiliation (2:9-10)

·         Enjoyment of sex and building intimacy (2:11-13) resulting to deep disaster of the soul.

·         Striving to become hero in the world (2:14-18) resulting to bitterness and regrets.

Growing old is horrible without metabolized Bible doctrine in the soul and pleasurable with metabolized Bible doctrine in the soul. Solomon experienced the first with much regrets and remorse. Even though he feels guilty about it, yet he failed to maintain a consistent lifestyle of Bible doctrine. In the spiritual realm, the believer’s greatest failure is the lack of concentration in the Word of God. Our greatest privilege is to live a life inside the plan of God advancing toward maturity and our greatest opportunity is to share in the suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our greatest difficulty in the spiritual life is dependency on God for little things that we feel no need to ask God to take care of it for us.

There are 2 systems of change in the believer’s life: Divine system of change and cosmic system of change. If the believer neglects and ignores divine system of change, his life will become more difficult and miserable. The believer will lose his physical vigor, resulting to the lost of his spiritual vigor and finally to loss of spiritual appetite (Ecclesiastes 12:1). Old age according to Solomon is the lack of spiritual vigor. A person can become old even in his twenties, if he has no pleasure for spiritual things.

Youth in spiritual sense means spiritual vigor, the strength that gives the believer the endurance to fulfill the will and plan of God (Isaiah 40:28-31) in the midst of adversity. When the soul is controlling the body, and the soul is under the control of mentality, it produces the energy of the soul, that is what the Scripture calls spiritual vigor.

Time, which is the measure of duration related to our physical and spiritual life are divided into two categories.

·         Divine assignment (from physical birth to physical death) is the duration God allowed man to stay on earth.

·         Divine allotment (from moment of salvation to physical death) is the duration God allowed man to fulfill the will and purpose of God in his life.

The truth about growing old:

1.       People become bitter individual as they grow older without Bible doctrine in their soul, which is our capacity for life, love and happiness.

2.       The older a person grow the more he become anxious, worry and unsecured without metabolized Bible doctrine in the soul.

3.       People become naturally ill natured and more unsympathetic as they grow older since the old nature become worse in years.

4.       Older individuals have no ability to handle life and dying apart from the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit and the residence Word of God.

5.       Security is not based on what people have gained, attained, and achieved but on the Bible doctrine residence in the soul.

6.       Age does not bring wisdom and expertise but only learning from past experiences which does not necessary makes a person wise. Only metabolized Bible doctrine can make a person wise through its application to life experiences.

7.       The older a person grow, the more he becomes unsecured and bitter toward things, others, life and even toward God if they do not Bible doctrine in the souls.

If you are not happy now without Bible doctrine in the soul you cannot be happy if God will bring yesterday back or if God will fast forward tomorrow. Genuine happiness starts from your exercise of spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom is independence from Satan and men, rejecting everything coming from satanic system and cosmic system.

Satan wants you to be miserable and there are too many around you who will make you miserable, so please do not add to that. God designed old age for manifestation and demonstration of His faithfulness not to make people useless, feeling guilty and unsecured. No one has the right to fear aging, or be anxious of death and dying since God has provided everything for us not only to exist longer but to live older with advantage.

Bible doctrine in the soul will provide you the wonderful God’s gracious motivation, God’s grace initiative, and God’s energy to fulfill your personal sense of destiny. The set back in the spiritual life are not our weaknesses, failures, distractions disillusions or temptations to personal sins but our arrogance to stay out of God’s plan. Metabolized Bible doctrine will make you spiritual healthy, alert and ready to execute the plan of God being protected by a wall of fire set by God. Nobody will ever become lonely who has Bible doctrine in the soul. Majority of Christians are lonely due to ignorance that Satan and the world have no right to make them lonely and miserable.

The failure of Solomon can be summarized in 5 aspects:

1.       Solomon failed to maintain consistent residency in the pre-designed plan of God.

2.       Solomon failed to maintain consistent doctrinal scales of values in every matters of life.

3.       Solomon failed to maintain consistent advance or momentum in the pre-designed plan of God.

4.       Solomon failed to maintain consistent concentration on the things above.

5.       Solomon failed to maintain consistent walk of faith defying his equal privileges and equal opportunity.

Solomon gave his best years to the world but gave his left over to God. He failed to go back to the source of spiritual energy and failed to walk with God:

·         Failure to walk in the light (I John 1:7) that is being filled by the Holy Spirit while learning Bible.

·         Failure to walk by means of the Spirit (Gal. 5:16) that is to remains in fellowship of God the Holy Spirit.

·         Failure to walk in the newness of life (Rom. 6:4) that is to live in the light of Bible doctrine.

·         Failure to walk by faith (2 Cor. 5:7) and keep walking by means of Him (Col. 2:6).

Believers are divided into two groups:

·         Saints – all of which are, some have faith that comes from zeal without Bible doctrine in their soul. Some are religiously intoxicated with God and though they have knowledge of God, they failed to live for God.

·         Faithful brethren – only few are, they have faith that comes from zeal with Bible doctrine.

Solomon in spite of his genius, failed to live his life under God’s power and God’s wisdom. We cannot blame his 700 wives and 300 mistresses for that since every person is volitionally accountable for his decisions.

Age means becoming antique, becoming of great values or just simply worn-out, good for nothing. The issue is living longer with God’s power and energy not merely living older waiting for death to makes its call. Remember, Ecclesiastes is all about learning the hard way under the harm’s way. “Evil days” refers to bad wages of bad decisions surprised by adversary of life. Solomon was saying, “Do what I say not what I do”. Ecclesiastes chapter 12 is either about old age in youthfulness or youthfulness in old age, depending whether you love the Word of God or you love the cosmic world. The temptation is to bring you outside the will of God, to make you independent from God.

The best person to have around is a spiritually matured believer, a person with maximum Bible doctrine in the soul (virtue –integrity) which is the visible manifestation of the invisible, manufactured inside the pre-designed plan of God. The worst person to have around is an old person demonstrating arrogance which is the visible manifestation of Satan’s invisible cosmic system. Every believer faces the great challenge of keeping priority straight, stay in touch with eternity, build a good reputation before God before his dying period or just enter eternity with regrets, remorse, bitterness and total insecurity.

Ecclesiastes 12:5 described a man who is dominated by his fear. The kind of fear that never leaves the old person in peace but continually harasses him through bad memory.

Ecclesiastes 12:1-4 Remember (to act decisively choosing heavenly things) also thy Creators in days of thy youth, (able to do the will of God at youthful vigor) while that the evil days (divine discipline) come not, Nor the years have arrived, that thou sayest, `I have no pleasure in them.' (negative volition) While that the sun (prosperity from God) is not darkened(lost by reversionism) and the light, (ability to perceive Bible doctrine – Bible doctrine in the soul) and the moon, (the right woman) and the stars, (all the blessings) and the thick clouds returned after the rain (sudden calamities as divine discipline).In the day (energy crisis day) that keepers (the hands) of the house (human body) tremble (physiological malfunctions), and men of strength have bowed themselves,(weak and ailing) and grinders (no more teeth) have ceased, because they have become few. And those looking out at the windows (failing eyesight) have become dim, and doors(socially isolated due to physical disabilities) have been shut in the street. When the noise of the grinding is low, (failing digestive system) and one riseth at the voice of the bird, (sleepless) and all daughters of song are bowed down (hearing illusionary sounds)…

Ecclesiastes 12:5-7 Also of that which is high they are afraid (multiple phobias) And of the low places in the way, And the almond-tree (the capacity to enjoy life) is despised, (volition turned negative) And the grasshopper (fear and loss of spiritual vigor due to lack of metabolized Bible doctrine in the soul) is become a burden (non-essential things becoming priority) Andwant is increased (anxious for too many details of life to resolved) For man is going unto his home age-during (your appointed time and divine allotted time is coming to an end), And the mourners have gone round through the street. While that the silver cord (sudden sin unto death) is not removed, And the golden bowl broken (divine discipline), And the pitcher broken (sudden disaster) by the fountain, And the wheel broken at the well (divine discipline leading to sin unto death) And the dust returned to the earth (divine allotted time to live the spiritual life is over) as it was, And the spirit returned to God who gave it.”

The mentality of the soul greatly affects the condition of the body. For example, the increase of fear will result to increases of insecurity, anxiety and then to increases of sickness. Courage is not the absence of fear but the decision that put God and the things of God above everything that scares us. Courage is built by virtue and cowardice is built by human viewpoint. Undeserved suffering when answered by metabolized Bible doctrine sharpens the faith.  Majority of our problems in life are not designed to be solved by us but entrusted to God who has the solution.

Our sufferings must draw us nearer not to the solutions but to the Lord Jesus Christ who has all the solutions. Sufferings must draw us not to the methods, system of solution but to the person of the Lord Jesus Christ alone. When we place faith in God, we are giving a living testimony that He is who He is, telling people what God has done for you not telling people what you have done for the Lord. Do not tell the people how weak and wicked you are but tell them that you have fight and won over your reliance on human genius, power, ability, power and creativity. Be careful, a miserable person produces and contaminates another to be miserable.

Under divine establishment, mature people are commanded by the Scripture to honor their parents. This command (Exodus 20:12) is for every biologically mature individual who still has aging father or mother, not for little boys and girls to obey. To honor your father and mother is to give them respect and care in their old age as demonstration of gratitude for what they have done for you.

Coming into old age, the mature believer is assured of his redemption; and he comes into old age as a knowledgeable, productive child of God. He understands both salvation and spirituality. He knows how to claim promises. He understands suffering, has lived through some of it, and looks forward to greater tests and sufferings of life, but he is ready for both suffering and happiness in old age. This person comes into old age able to apply the Word of God to experience.

The elderly believer uses the Faith-Rest principles of life. While the body is getting weaker, there is this promise of 2 Cor. 4:15. "For all things are for your sakes that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many blessings to the glory of God. For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, works for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory."

In 1 Tim. 5:5-10, there is the example of a widow alone who faces the occupational hazard of widowhood in loneliness. However, this woman trusts in God, uses the promises of the Bible, and keeps on praying. A widow who is "well reported for divine good works" is making the most out of old age. In Acts 11:36-43 is the story of Dorcas, "full of good works", given to hospitality, who "washed the saints feet", made garments, relieved the afflicted with her nursing skills, and was a producer of divine good. She had mastered the details of life and put them under the subjection of her soul, the master of which is the mentality filled with Bible doctrine.

Inner beauty is possible to attain even in old age but better gain it while in youthful vigor and let it flourish in old age (for male 2 Tim. 2:1-2) and (for female believer 2 Tim 2:3). The inner beauty reflects the glory of God. Old age is golden age not just for reminisce the good old days relieving the remorseful and guilty conscience for failure to execute the will of God.

Old age is designed by God to be the most enjoyable and exciting phase of our lifetime, not a torture chamber for insecure aging and dying people.

The conclusion of the matter is that, stress can get into anyone, but you have to find spiritual peace in tough and turbulent situation. What you need to do, whether you are 20 or 80 years old, is to find “a place” where you will be able to prepare yourself for the worst things of old age. God has prepared a place called divine dynasphere, the pre-designed plan of God, the center of God’s will and purpose for us to find serenity, peace and happiness. Every believer can face squarely the pressure, stress and pains of old age and win victoriously. There is no shortcut in preparation for your old age but only through daily intake, perception, retention, recall and application of Bible doctrine. You alone can make the time to prepare yourself for the best or worst of the things to come in your old age.
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