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 J. R. Cherreguine

NATIONAL ENTITY is God’s provision of protection from self-destruction of one-world estate [Genesis 10:5, 11:9]. The national entity is the fourth divine institution established by God, who scattered mankind to limit the expression of human arrogance and impede the spread of evil [Genesis 11:8].

Government in whatever form, exist to prevent the world from degeneration and chaos. God sanctions nations to restrain man’s old sinful nature to give support to satanic tyranny, which Satan seeks to perpetrate on human race. God sanction government to restrain evil, which man may commit without limitation

God designed interior protection for the nation through the institution of divine establishment. Government is designed to secure and protect individual volition, safeguard privacy and property, and to maintain internal tranquility through law enforcement and peace within nation [1 Peter 2:13-14]. This is protection through civil liberty.

God designed citizens of a nation must be obey their rulers regardless of principles, creed, and political party. This great mandate includes every individual (both believers and unbelievers).

The Scripture does not condone the practices of any tyrant, but neither does the oppressive governance negate the principle of obedience to authority. Regardless of the nature and character of the leader, his office represents the divinely delegated authority of the nation –His office should always be respected.

All rebellion against the governing authority is regarded as evil; such action is unacceptable to God. All type of assignation plots against governing leaders falls under the condemnation of God, because all authority comes from God [Romans 13:1-6].

Rebellion or revolution is the deposing of the existing government and therefore the destruction of divinely established institution. The intent to overthrow one’s government through plots, intrigue, and force of arms, military takeover, or sabotage is always contrary to divine will and purpose.

The only justified revolution is the war for independence like the Philippine revolution during the Spanish colonial government.

The so-called EDSA revolutions are nothing but political power struggle supported by organized religion to bring down elected leaders.

The separation of church and estate is designed to protect and maintain the human freedom instituted by God. The right for freedom is compromise through ignorance.


The right of self-defense is God’s given prerogative of a nation. No nation will win the war without military forces, trained and well discipline to fight. No effort for worldwide peace will work until the Millennium [Matthew 24:6, Mark 13:7, Luke 21:9. There was never a time in human history when the world was free from war. There was never a time when war has not been raging in some corner of the world [Matthew 24:6-7, Ecclesiastes 3:8].

The United Nations reported the following statistics related to world peace:

53-Major armed conflict between1990 and 1995
68 Major armed conflict between 1995 and 2000
21 Ongoing minor armed conflict
18 Suspended armed conflict as of February 2000

God may use evil nations or evil rebel groups to administer divine discipline [Hosea 4:6]. Only the grace of God can deliver this nation form its current predicament. We do not need more US surplus war equipments and weapons but more trained and discipline soldiers. But far from that, we do not need more believers –we need enough spiritually mature believers.

War is possible for several reasons:

National corruption [Hosea 4:1-3] that is violation of divine establishment- as judgment for rejection of the bible doctrine by believers and rejection of the Gospel by the unbelievers

Spiritual decline foreshadow military disaster [Judges 5:8, Isaiah 3:25-26, 2 Chronicles 16:9].

Rejection of Bible doctrine-the lose of national entity through military invasion and captivity.

The Book of Numbers provided us effective preparation against the possibility of war:

The ability to mobilize and plan for military forces [Numbers 1-4, 10, 13]

Who will serve?

    Adult men not boys [1:2-3]

    Not newly married [Deut. 20:5-8]

    Not coward [32:23]

    Believers [Psalm 46:6-8, 22-23]

Constant readiness –progressive and continuous military and preparation of young soldiers [Nehemiah 4:13, Proverbs 20:18]

     Strategic knowledge [21:1-32]

     Continuous alert system [10:7-8]

     Continuous intelligence [13:1-21]

     Debriefing [13:26-33]

     Rules of war [31:11-54]

     Rules for dividing plunder [31:11-]

Civilian preparation [Nehemiah 4:14] A united civilian populace that supports a common national objective is difficult to destroy even weaponless.

Strong reserved forces of skill and trained officers –ready for duty at any given time.

No institution can prevent war between nations or within a nation. The United Nation is handicapped to prevent any type of war. The very agency designed to prevent war was used by USA to start war against several nations –all in the name of world peace.

There is time for peace and there is time for war –and we live in dispensation when the absent of war is not possible. Satan will pretend to eradicate war without success.


 J. R. Cherreguine

Peace is the ideal environment for freedom. Freedom is exemption from arbitrary, external control, the function of free will un-coerced by threat or violence.

Bible doctrine in the soul of believers is the foundation for freedom [John 8:32]. The pursuit of biblical truth always promotes personal and national freedom –maintaining that freedom demands a strong national defense. A military establishment trained, motivated and supported to defend national freedom and interests

The blessing in time of the mature believers includes the blessing of civil liberty, but only armies can protect freedom from armies that seek to destroy freedom. If a nation wishes to perpetuate and not to violate the precious privileges and blessings of independence and freedom, then war is inevitable.

Every generation must face the crucible of war, for freedom is not free from nations or rebel groups that wield military force to enslave and to vanquish other nation or their own nation.

Freedom is bought and paid for by the blood of men and women who set a higher on their liberty than on life itself. If one generation is not prepared mentally and spiritually to defend such values, and if the majority of citizens reject the principle of freedom through military victory, then freedom languishes.

War originated from human old sinful nature, namely greed for power, wealth and dominion. The first war recorded in the Bible is in Genesis 14:2 and the last war will be in the Second Advent of Christ [Revelation 19:11,19]. All throughout the human history, war is ever present except in the Millennial kingdom –but where war will occur at its end.

The Lord is a Warrior (The Lord is a Man of war –KJV) refers to the perfect sovereignty of Christ who controls human history for the benefits of the believers [Exodus 15:3].

The believer’s duties to the state are compatible with his duties to God –because both realms are to be coordinated but never combined. The primary responsibility of the believer is to God, yet the believer also has a responsibility to the state. The merging of civic and military responsibility is expressed in Matthew 22:21b.

Killing the enemies of war is not violating the Word of God [Exodus 20:13] but obeying the command of God to defeat them and destroy them [Deuteronomy 7:2a].

The Christian soldiers are encouraged by the Word of God to demonstrate the grace of God by serving the state with courage and discipline [Psalm 46:6-7, 55:22-23, 140:1-2]. Only Christian soldiers have the capacity and ability to manifest the power and grace of God during the intense encounter [Deut. 20:1-4, 31:6-8].

Soldiers were recognized as some of the heroes of the faith (Hebrews 11:32), but Jesus clearly explained that the cause of God was not to be advanced through the use of physical force (John 18:36) and He rebuked Peter for violently defending Him at His arrest (Matthew 26:52-54). The epistles use military terms and metaphors to describe the Christian life, and the believer is called a soldier who must struggle against evil with spiritual weapons that are analogous to those used by the Roman army (2 Tim. 2:3; I Pet. 2:11; Eph. 6:10-20).


DEGENERATION is the process of spiritual deterioration of a nation, which leads to the loss of national identity. God use armed conflicts to execute the highest degree of divine discipline to a nation, which continually reject His plan, purpose and will.


ONE. National spread of diseases and big percentage of the population are in decaying health status. There is a brisk decline in agricultural prosperity. There is terror and fear everywhere –the government is disabled to control the raising criminality. There is steady death in combat, and loss of personal freedom.

TWO. There is a repeated economic recession and depression. The market is falsely stabilizes by the government. There is an increasing personal and national discipline because of continuous negative volition.

THREE. There is a widespread violence and breakdown of law and order. There is disorder everywhere starting from the high-ranking government officials to the poorest of the poor. There is also a chain of national disasters. The nation as a whole is very insecure.

The insecure husbands will result to insecure wives. Insecure parents results to insecure children. Insecure children produce an insecure generation. Insecure generation will demands security from insecure government. Insecure officials will offer entitlements to insecure people.

Insecure generation becomes arrogant people who are divorced from divine establishment and divine institutions.

Insecure generation becomes slaves to false theories and human viewpoints. They resolve to breaking the family system and trying to replace it with something else of which they are not sure what.

They resolve to break the government system and trying to replace it with their unrealistic ideologies. Insecure people dwells in unreality, false hope, and false solutions to human problems. They are often disillusioned and without spiritual integrity.

FOUR. The fourth cycle of discipline comprises of military conquest or aggression of foreign or local or both working for the overthrow of the government. There is widespread famine, separation of families, poverty and political dissolution.

FIVE. The fifth cycle of discipline comprises of the destruction of a nation due to maximum rejection of Biblical and established principles [study: Deuteronomy 28:15-48, Hosea 1:2-3:5, and Leviticus 26:14-39].

Some factors that contribute for the degeneration of a nation:

  1. Globalization. God is the author of nationalism [Genesis 10:5, 11:4] not of inter-nationalism.
  2. Revolution within. All forms of military and political faction that causes unrest.
  3. National corruption in every level. It is a sign of spiritual collapse and immorality.
  4. Disabled function of the Royal Ambassadors. The carnality of the Church Age believers and their lack of impact.
  5. The merging of the church and state –the destruction of freedom.
  6. The lack of military preparation for war.