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Josef Cherreguine

VALENTINE’S DAY originated from a Roman fertility festival known as the FEAST OF LUPERCALIA observed in Ancient Rome as a day of offering gifts to the goddess of free-sex and fertility.

The Catholics substituted it with some “Christian” symbolism. There were three origins of St. Valentines according to variety of legends.

The most famous was that of a Roman priest martyred around A.D. 269. Here we see that a man who renounced and vowed not to marry inspired Valentine’s Day. He was known as VALENTINUS – a replacement for Roman god LUPERCALIA.

According to another religious legend, VALENTINUS condemned to death by Emperor CLAUDIUS II, for converting the family of ASTERIUS.

On the eve of his execution that fell on February 13, 270 A.D., he wrote a farewell love letter to young girl and signed it “From your Valentine”.

The second legend was that of the bishop of TERNI who was martyred in the same time frame [VALETINUS was martyred] for crime of loving a young girl.


Valentine’s Day and everything about it came from pagan ritual of sex and fertility

Our modern Valentine’s Day originates from priests who renounced marriage but both were in love with young girls.

The color red is not the color of love of God. Love has no color. Love is not just romance or sex.

Cupid is not an angel of God. There is no such thing as angel of love.

Valentine’s Day enslaves people to do things that are oppressive. It creates false hope and expectation from human solution.

The feast of St. Valentine and its romantic celebration has no biblical and spiritual relevance.

Valentine’s Day is commercialism and bondage of high degree. Its concern is romance, sex and lust.

The believers are not commanded to celebrate Valentine’s Day and there is no room for it in the Christian churches [Galatians 4:9-10].

Valentine dinner date will not solve or improve your marital conflict or secure your marriage affair.

The Lord Jesus and His disciples did not celebrate Valentine’s Day. The Bible is silent about it because it is not biblical but pagan.

Some apostate churches are joining the world in the celebration of this evil ritual of sex and fertility. Such affairs cannot glorify the church and there is no way a pagan feast can glorify God in any way.

To use pagan activities such as Valentine’s Day to raise money for the church is devious and blasphemous.

We cannot join people who claims that they are fundamentalists yet observe and celebrate pagan rituals like New Year, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.
Josef Cherreguine

WE CAN summarize the teaching of the new moralists related to sexual sins by the following:

The new morality justified that no church or institution has the right to dictate how to satisfy sexual needs as long as no person is harm. Sex as long as it is good is justified, whether it between the same sex, or opposite sex or between man and beast or just with anybody.

Homosexuality and lesbianism is very much welcome and justified as long as it does not hurt any person.

To use another person for personal sexual gratification is justified. The failure to apply love is the real injustice. Love of course is define as sex and when it comes to love, there is no limitation.

The new morality is more concerned with the “whys” of sexual behavior than sexual sins. They put more stress on motivation and attitude or better attitude for sex than the act of sexual lust or perversion.

The new morality defined love as sex. It promotes the sex-saturated society and it honors sexual revolution.

It accepts pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, post-marital sex, virtual sex, and cyber-sex. Sex with anybody is not condemned. It uses sex-exploitation mediums such as pornographic movies, magazines, books, TV shows, and etc. It accepts any form of sex: heterosexual, homosexual and auto-sexual.

It advertises safe sex, the use of contraceptives and the use of sexual gadgets and sex energizing drugs.

The decay of a nation begins with the collapse of its sex standards (morality related to sex). The new morality is destroying nations silently and sweetly.

People are learning to fornicate, create sexual situations, follow modern sexual trends and commit sexual perversion without guilt.

Nothing can etch the indelible scars of sexual sins. The ugly memories will come and wrestle with your mind from time to time. Illegitimate baby cannot be unborn. Child rearing and financial responsibility will not just go away and self-made miseries will linger for a long time.

The movie and TV personalities are the sex trendsetters and young people are following their reel life without proper evaluation. Following the cosmic standards and life style is very dangerous for the soul of the believers.

There are ways that seem rights in the eyes of the believers but are entirely disgracing and dishonorable to God. There are things that seems right in the eyes of men but unacceptable in the eyes of God.

There are things we called sins but they are not in the eyes of God. There are things we simply ignore or accept but are transgression in the sight of God. This is because our standards are relative and bias.  We must know what is sin and what is not before God. The new morality is just the revival of the old times morality. There is nothing new under the sun.


Josef Cherreguine

TRUE ROMANTIC LOVE develops slowly and gradually. Infatuation develops at almost no time.

True love always starts slowly. You have to know a person before you can truly love that person. Those who rush into marriage learn it by sad experience of self-made miseries. Infatuation is rushing into a bad decision.

 True is attracted in the total personality of the one love. Infatuation is mainly interested in the physical features. Infatuation depends on few non-sense things. True love is attracted with most of the qualities of the one love.

True love affects your whole personality. Willing to learn, adjust and change to bring out the better qualities. Infatuation is blind and daydreaming –trying to believe that the only thing that matters is their love for each other.

True love is not only interested in the whole person but that interest is growing warmer as the day goes by. In infatuation, the interest for each other grows between hot and cold –if not freezing.

True love believes that the most important person in the whole world next to Christ is the one you love. Infatuation revolves only around the merry-go-round of fantasy but always searching for someone new.

Separation and distance makes true love fonder. Infatuation will not survive the test of separation and distance but will seek happiness in another person. True love always cultivates and never dominates.

True love causes two different personalities grow intimately together that when separated even for short time-a part of you seems to be missing.

True love will live through quarrels and lots of disagreements-learning how to handle conflicts with poise. Infatuation may do a lot of kissing and making up but later may declare war that may never be solved.

True love can easily resolve quarrels and disagreements for healthier relationship. Infatuation can ignite little disagreement into a massive forest fire leading into permanent break-up.

True love is concern about giving way to improve and build stronger relationship. Infatuation is concern only about getting and receiving from the relationship for personal gains and interest.

True love is always unselfish –always giving.  Infatuation is always waiting to receive and getting.

True love dwells in genuine humility and sacrifice for the one love. Infatuation dwells in human ego and castle of arrogance.

True love is always responsible-willing to pay the cost –willing to endure hardship and suffering. Infatuation is always ready to escape into the open sea of unreliability.

True love is not love at first sight but the result of knowing and accepting the person just as he/she is.

 Some people are infatuated (not in love) with God, which they did not know about, as they are infatuated with a man or with a woman that they did not know.


Josef Cherreguine

TRUE ROMANTIC LOVE distinguishes between a body and a person. Choosing a girl because of her beauty and shape is unstable criterion. She might become Coca-cola all right- but 2000 ml. in the next few years. Selecting a guy for his physique and good-looking face is like selecting a treacherous great white shark over the friendly ugly humpback whale.

 TRUE love generates respect. Erotic lover who whispers sweet nothing in private but tear you down in public is like a clown. He is using another person to produce laughter by giving his lover bad remarks. Such person will do well in circus but not in the family.

TRUE is self-giving –it is not what you can get from another person but what you can give with out expecting anything in return. The passionate desire for her/his body is not love but lust. Any prostitute can fully satisfied that burning desires.

TRUE LOVE can thrive without physical expression until full commitment for marriage. If your only reason for having a sweetheart is to have someone to hug and caress- better buy yourself a life size doll.

True love will not pay with sex and escape. It will not hurt the other person after getting what he/she likes. True love is willing to pay the full cost of responsibility.

True love seeks to build a life and permanent relationship of marriage. The objective and goal of any relationship is marriage. Marriage is a triangular relationship between God, a man and a woman, not a triangle between three persons. Lust will not settle for octagon.

TRUE LOVE is not for experimental and trial purposes. The basic principle is not to be involved with anybody you are not willing to marry. Get involved only after you physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared.

TRUE LOVE embraces difficult serious and difficult responsibility. Marital responsibility is far more than money. It is commitment to love the other person come what may. Lollipops and roses have nothing to do with true love.

True love can postpone gratification of sexual passion. True love can wait till marriage. Only a righteous person with Bible doctrine in the soul can function in this manner.

True love is basically a commitment. Feeling, emotion, selfish and childish expressions would change and fall-out of love. Fallen expectations and broken promises are basic elements that you can avoid. You have to endure them.

Personality differences, unpleasant and bad communication, misunderstanding and numerous marital problems are subjects for rebuilding the relationship not criteria for separation. Immature couple cannot handle such problems.

Marriage is a garage where both the husband and wife work to repair the errors and damages of their blissful relationship. It is not a recreation center for children to pass away their boredom.

Marriage is not the solution to many problems of the adolescent and teen-age life but A PUZZLE OF PROBLEMS for adults to solve and enjoy.

TRUE LOVE is founded on the Word of God-ignite by the virtue love for God and for man. It is for the right man and right woman –not for kids.


Josef Cherreguine

GOD DESIGNED SEX exclusively for married couples only, not for those who are in love. Our liberated society under the influence of the new morality is destroying the divine will regarding this issue. Today, love is defined as sex. Many young lovers are interested only with their passions and desire and not with the relationship.

SEX IS FOR PLEASURE of married couples and not for those seeking pleasures or sexual experiences. God designed sex for pleasure, procreation and physical intimacy of husband and wife not for those seeking sexual adventure outside legitimate marriage.

SEX before marriage or outside the legitimate marriage may end-up to broken relationships, broken family, broken hearts, separation and painful memories.

SEX outside or before marriage may result to unwanted child, which means additional responsibility and headache. Teen-age marriage always results to self-made miseries for both of the couple.

Giving in to sex before marriage is not proof of your love but a sign of passion or lust. There is proper time for everything under the sun.

Sex with the wrong person at the wrong time is unhelpful and sadistic disregarding the impact on the other party. The unbelievers are of the world but for Christian to adopt the trend of the world is to reject the will of God (and to manufacture self-made miseries).

Sex is for mature people with genuine commitment to love each other –come what may.

Believers who follow the trend of the world regarding free sex or the new morality code (of sexual perversion) are living under the satanic will.

The ability to have sex is not a sign of masculinity for a man and is not a sign of femininity for a woman. Sex proves nothing. Dogs just do it for no reason at all, except for their biological instinct.

Sexual pleasure is temporal. Those who are seeking frantic happiness from sex will always be disappointed because sex cannot fill up the vacuum in your soul.

Sex cannot fill-up the loneliness, the boredom and emptiness of your soul. Only God can answer that emptiness.

Sex is not everything but God is. The beasts have their own pleasure of sex but they cannot possess happiness from sex. Man in the same manner cannot find any happiness from sex. God alone is the source of true happiness.

Sex is not love. Real love can wait but lust is very hungry for sex.

Sexual purity is not replaceable. The real issue here is the soul for the person. SEXUAL PERVERSION is the deviation from the normal function and therefore, it is not only social, political emotional sin but as well as spiritual in nature.

Christian must aim to become spiritual and advancing believer- the best for his/her lover.

A person whose mind is always filled with sex will eventually become a rapist, sex maniac or adulterer. A person who is not satisfied with one wife or one husband will always look for another.


Josef Cherreguine

GOD is the source of perfect morality, but Satan introduced the new morality (part of human viewpoint), which the fallen man (corrupted by old sinful nature) gladly embraces. The big four (Satan, the old sinful nature, the ADAMIC evil trends, and the human negative volition) are campaigning for the promotion of incest.

The two daughters of Lot, who were infected with the sin of Sodom, were the first to commit incest [Genesis 19:31-36]. They raped their aged father doubting the ability of God in providing husbands for them. They reasoned from the new morality (that is old immorality) that approved anything that feels doing good.

Reuben had sex with his father’s concubine [Genesis 35:22) as proof of his macho-syndrome (machismo instinct) and thereby lost his father’s blessing [Genesis 49:3-4].

AMNON, the son of David by AHINOAM raped TAMAR (the daughter of David by MACAH, the mother of ABSALOM [1 Samuel 25:43, 1 Chronicles 3:2]. AMNON raped his half-sister TAMAR because of mistaken lust and passion mistaken for love. He displayed later on his sexual problems, strong moral corruption, brutality and masculine confusion [2 Samuel 13:10-14].

ABSALOM raped his father concubine publicly [2 Samuel 16:22] showing to all Israel his rebellious leadership, his domineering behavior and ignorance of the Divine establishment.

The Corinthian Church tolerated a member who had sexual affairs with his father’s wife (not his own mother) [1 Corinthians 5:11].

INCEST is not new- it is as old as the devil.


The old sinful nature (OSN) has a new defense counsel (the new morality), which justify incest as long as it feels good and enjoyable.

The evil trends are gathering too much support from the media (all sorts of pornographic materials, sex gadgets and products, sexual stimulants like VIAGRA) and endorsed by the New Age Movement, bringing the moral collapse of our society.

The public is receiving too much encouragement from prominent people who are preaching the “gospel of sex” through literature and media. The electronic media had added a new leap into what they called the cyber-sex.

The public is being bombarded with numerous materials denying any moral values left in the soul of men. The hearts of many are occupied with sex 24 hours a day.

The world accepts and encourages the new trends of broken marriages, broken homes, broken relationship. It is becoming normal. Because of this people are lonely and dishearten are searching for some kind of happiness.

The search for frantic happiness resolves to commit incest as an expression of antagonism and anger against men and God. Some failed to carry on with their normal living are inflicted with psychosis.

The rapid rise in idolatrous worship decreases the interest with Bible doctrine and has given way to more immoral acts. Immorality is the big sister of idolatry.

Those who have committed incest are insane, demon-possessed or deceived by demonic doctrines. They are not in the right frame of mind.
Josef Cherreguine

THE HUMAN SEX DRIVE is the normal, God given part of the mentality of every normal man and woman. To be ashamed of it is to doubt God’s perfect righteousness and faithfulness to us.

To misuse it (the human sex drive) is to thwart God’s plan and purpose. The sex drive energizes or destroys relationship, depending on its uses, application or control.

THE MALE SEX DRIVE develops in adolescent, producing sperm and stores them in the seminal vesicles. When they are filled, the sex drives climb-up or increases and demands a release of the seminal fluids.

God designed the male’s body to handle this in a natural way –by means of night emissions or nocturnal releases, other by masturbation.

The male sex drive is biological, emotional, psychological becoming greater when aroused by sight or mentally ad responds readily to any visual or touches stimuli. Male sperm releases by masturbation develop almost automatically because of the combine sex drive and the external nature of the male sex organs. Therefore, if it is to be avoided, it must be a choice, a decision of the soul. From biological standpoint, masturbation is not necessary.

THE FEMALE BIOLOGICAL system does not automatically build up sex drive, which demands a release. A man naturally turns to masturbation for release, but female must be taught or learn it first.

A woman is stimulated sexually more by touch than by sight. It is more difficult for them to develop a strong habit of masturbation but more difficult to break it.

SEXUAL SINS. Two categories of sexual sins are prominent all over the Scripture. Fornication (PORNEA) refers to an illicit sexual relationship, and adultery while  MOICHOS refers to a sexual relationship outside marriage.
 SEXUAL SINS never begins by accident but through a series of pre-sexual experiences, which involves the mind and the soul. These are the things that excite, train, develop, and move the sexual drives.

Most of the pre-sexual experiences that are not related to preparation for marriage contribute only to illicit sexual activities, like masturbation.


Masturbation is the gratification of the senses and the indulgence of the sexual appetite [Galatians 5:19]. The act of masturbation becomes an expression of sexual desires.

Masturbation involves visualization and imagination of the physical body of man or woman as partner in the sexual act. The mind is involved in the act and therefore has committed the act of adultery [Matthew 5:28].

Masturbation is the selfish attempt to experience the sensations of sexual pleasure without having a physical sexual partner [Ephesians 2:3]. The act of masturbation always involved the mind.

Masturbation can put a person in bondage of sexual passion and lust if not properly dealt [1 Corinthians 6:12].

Masturbation is a mental sin expressed overtly by physical gesticulation of muscles of the genital.


(For Regenerated Christian Only)

Josef Cherreguine

Dear Friend,

Satan, the great deceiver [Rev. 12:3] comes in and shout at you; “If you wait much longer, your changes will be much narrow. You might miss your once a lifetime opportunity”. The lies of Satan aim to make you impatient with God’s purpose and independent with God’s will. But always remember that, what is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.

Listen to the voice of God (through His Bible Doctrine), which comes in small and gentle voice. “I have chosen for you a life, which is abundantly full of every good things [John 10:10, Psalm 84:11]. What looks to you now as “very good” may not be good after two years. I AM THE GREAT I AM who see your whole, your past, present, and future [Exodus 3:14, Psalm 139:16], and Who love you with divine love [Jeremiah 31:3]. I have a plan for you, a plan of great and tremendous blessing.

“I may give you the “gift of singleness” [1 Corinthians 7: 17-35] or the gift of marriage [Ephesians 5:31]. You may find out next week or next years the person I have prepared for you. This person will love you with a love that only My holy Spirit can inspire.  Be patient to wait for this person. My choice for you will love you the way I plan it, based from God’s word.

“I won’t force you to marry My choice for you and I will not prevent you from marrying your own choice, but do not be deceived, you will reap what you sow [Galatians 6:7]. I long to give you great and fabulous blessings [Isaiah 30:18] but you have to reach spiritual maturity first [John 15:7].

Wait for Me, I will act on My own time and no one could stop me from doing the best for you, except your carnality and negative volition to go against the will of God and follow your own lust [James 1:13-15].

“For I AM God, and there is no other God, and there is none like Me declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times declaring the things not yet done. My counsel shall stand forever and I will accomplish all My purpose [Isaiah 46:9-10].

Your whole duty is to seek first the kingdom of God and His perfect plan for your life. My duty is to provide all the things (logistical grace) you need while in the world [Matthew 6:33]. For I will supply all your needs (including your lifetime partner) according to My riches in glory in Christ Jesus [Philippians 4:19].

Do not busy yourself hunting around for lovers but serve My people as you are serving Me [Colossians 3:23]. Do all things for the glory of God, working wholeheartedly, without complaining and with genuine humility [Philippians 2:4, 14]. Take time to nourish and take care of your own spiritual life. How can you take care of somebody else, if you are irresponsible to take care of your own spiritual life?

Make your relationship with Me as your top priority. Follow Me in the way of Calvary (that is, dead to self or dead to OSN, and I will give you the best, or try to do it through human viewpoint by human or demonic power, apart from Me, and I will allow you to have your most admired beast.

Your Greatest Friend Forever,

John 15:14
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