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Myths in the Christian Realm
Dianne C. Ellis 
Grace G. Cruz
James Waters Sander                               
The Christian churches are filled with myths, superstitious, legends and folklore based on religious traditions or practices believed by many as originally Scripture. None of the following myths are true:
  1. Men are approved and accepted by God and will go to heaven by their good works.
  2. Men who have not committed serious sins are going to heaven.
  3. Man can lose his salvation and the free gift of eternal life.
  4. Jesus Christ died physically as payment for the sins of the world.
  5. Jesus Christ died on the Cross on Friday at 3 PM.
  6. Jesus Christ rose from the grave on Sunday early morning known as Easter.
  7. Christian who dies with sin not confessed goes to hell.
  8. The person who commits suicide goes to hell.
  9. A person must be baptized in water to be saved.
  10. People will go to heaven after purging in purgatory.
  11. To become a saint, one has to do extra-ordinary and exceptional things.
  12. The church has the power to design and designate an individual to become a saint.
  13. The speaking in tongue is evidence that you have received the Spirit of God.
  14. The Holy Spirit is the same as the Holy Ghost.
  15. Apostle Peter preached, imprisoned, died and buried in Rome.
  16. Paul and Silas used the King James Version of the Bible.
  17. Christians that use Bible other than KJV are apostate.
  18. Jesus was only a man. He is not God.
  19. Jesus is a God, but not co-equal with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit.
  20. The Holy Spirit is a force, and not a Person of the Godhead.
  21. Because the word "Trinity" is not used in the Bible, the Godhead as a "Trinity" is non-existent.
  22. Jesus was not resurrected. His followers stole His body.
  23. Jesus Christ is merely a man and a prophet of God.
  24. There is healing in the atonement.
  25. Tongues speaking are valid today.
  26. If God doesn't heal you, it's because you lack faith in God.
  27. God has predestined some to heaven and some to hell, apart from human volition
  28. The rapture and the Second Advent are synonymous terms.
  29. The Bible is not the inerrant, infallible, divinely inspired Word of God.
  30. The Bible is full of contradictions.
  31. Men who wrote the Bible were independent from God.
  32. Believers can be indwelt with demons.
  33. Believers can be controlled by the Holy Spirit, today.
  34. Believers can be filled with the Holy Spirit by prayer, fasting and praising God.
  35. The "prayer mountain" is the real place to meet God for prayer to be truly effective.
  36. Christian music prepares the heart for worship of God.
  37. Anyone can worship God, anyone anytime.
  38. The Pastor is not the final authority in all matters regarding his own ministry in the local church.
  39. The Pastor is to do the bidding of his congregation.
  40. Once a deacon, always a deacon.
  41. Deacons are a decision making Board of men whose responsibility it is to be the church's watchdog.
  42. Deacons are to watch and especially protect the church from the Pastor.
  43. God calls men to preach.
  44. God calls women to preach.
  45. God's plan includes the ordination of women to the pastorate.
  46. The gifts of apostle, prophet, healing, miracles, faith, discerning of spirits, tongues, interpretation of tongues, a word of knowledge and a word of wisdom are still operational within the church today.
  47. God commanded Christians to heal the sick.
  48. God heals all kinds of sickness.
  49.  Bible doctrine is not important for the Christians.
  50. Bible doctrine is just the same as all others doctrine.
  51. Spiritual growth is possible without Bible doctrine.
  52. Loving each other is more important than Bible doctrine.
  53. Bible doctrine makes the Christian arrogant.
  54. Spiritual power is the ability to perform miracles and healing.
  55. Faith is what you can do in the power of God.
  56. All men are children of God.
  57. Speaking of tongue is the sign one is filled with the Holy Spirit.
  58. You are not a child of God if you do not speak in tongue.
  59. Baptism of Fire is for the believers.
  60. The church will go through the Tribulation.
  61. There will be no Tribulation or Millennium.
  62. Rapture comes after the Tribulation.
  63. Numerous prophecies will be fulfilled before the Rapture.
  64. Rapture is delaying because Christians are not witnessing.
  65. Christians are commanded to tithe.
  66. Tithing is where the believer begins to give, not where he ends his giving.
  67. God opens the windows of heaven and pours out blessings upon “tithers”.
  68. Christians who do not tithe are guilty of robbing God.
  69. Giving is commanded by God to all men.
  70. Capital punishment is not valid, today.
  71. Capital punishment is barbaric and not biblical.
  72. God punishes men (Christians or not) when they sinned.
  73. Divine discipline is for all believers who sinned.
  74. Divine discipline is for all men (Christians or not) who sinned.
  75. The Bible is too antiquated for today's enlightened society.
  76. Homosexuality is not sin.
  77. Homosexuals are born.
  78. Homosexuals are produced by the environment.
  79. Once a homosexual is always a homosexual.
  80. It's best to live together before marriage just to make sure you love one another.
  81. It's o.k. for a born-again believer to marry an unbeliever because of the influence the believer will have on the unbeliever.
  82. Getting on a relationship with unbeliever is not a sin.
  83. If one drink makes a person drunk, half-a-drink makes him half-drunk.
  84. Premarital sex is o.k. if the couple loves one another.
  85. Oral sex is not sex.
  86. Christians should pray to receive the Holy Ghost.
  87. Being "slain in the Spirit" is part of the Holy Ghost's ministry, today.
  88. The Bible justifies the practice of "slaying people in the Spirit."
  89. Believers do not have the Holy Ghost, today, because they do not ask for Him.
  90. If Jesus returns while you are in the movie theater, you will miss the rapture.
  91. The King James Version of the Bible contains no errors.
  92. To believe that life begins at the moment of physical birth makes you pro-abortion.
  93. Enoch went to heaven when he was translated.
  94. Elijah went to heaven when he was caught up into the air.
  95. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the same person, namely, Jesus.
  96. The devil made me do it.
  97. Drinking a glass of wine or beer is a sin.
  98. Memorization of Scripture will transform one's life into godliness.
  99. Scripture memorization protects the believer from the devil.
  100. Smiling during worship service is sinful and frowning is a sign of spirituality.
  101. It is sinful for women to wear attractive dress, ornaments and make up.
  102. Worldliness is wearing fashionable dresses, accessories, and jewelries. 
  103. Man must work for his salvation.
  104. Church splits are God's plan for church expansion.
  105. Praising God is verbal expression.
  106. God commanded Church Age Christian to fast.
  107. Natural disasters are God’s punishment against unbelievers.
  108. God ordained and appointed political leaders.
  109. Hell is describes as deep pit found at the bottom of the earth.
  110. Tribulation means difficult times during the Church age.
  111. The believer’s tongue has the power to bless people.
  112. Exorcism is mandated to Church age believers.
  113. Public confession of sin biblical and must be practiced by Christians.
  114. Commitment and dedication of self is important part of worship.
  115. Prayer and fasting is vital for reaching spiritual victory.
  116. Prayer and fasting is the key to spiritual growth and fulfillment.
  117. Three things will last forever: the human soul, the Word of God and things you have done for Christ.
  118. The Lord Jesus Christ died on Friday and rose from the grave on Sunday.
  119. Sleeping in the church during the preaching of Bible doctrine is not a sin.
  120. Paying no attention to the Word of God being communicated is not a sin.
  121. Forgiveness of sin requires repentance, being sorry,and with conditions.
  122. Sabbath is the seventh day of the week which falls on Saturday and the worship day of the Lord.
  123. Keeping the Ten Commandments is the whole duty of men.
  124. Keeping the Ten Commandments results to approbation of God.
  125. Inter-denominationalism is non-denominationalism.
  126. Participating in the Communion is literally eating the flesh, and drinking the blood of Christ for forgiveness of sin.
  127. Literal nailing on the cross lessen one's personal sins.
  128. Imitating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ results to spirituality and forgiveness of sins.
  129. Aspiring and doing great thing for God is divine will for believers.
  130. Repentance and restoration with God requires emotional grief and being sorry.
  131. Solomon was given with wisdom of God.
  132. The spiritual life focus on doing your best for God.
  133. Spiritual power comes from prayer and fasting.
  134. One must love the people to be a missionary or pastor.
  135. A man and woman creates human life in the womb.
  136. Sins like sex, immorality, love of riches, wealth or women take a believer away from God.
  137. The source of stumbling are Satan, cosmic system, people and yourself.
  138. Gray hair (being aged) is a sign of wisdom and understanding of all things in general.

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